Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I just did WHAT??? Wow go me!

I just got back after an hour long walk around where I live. I didn't think I would be gone that long or go as far as I did, but I pushed myself and made myself do it. I was originally just going to go till my feet started to hurt then  turn around and go back the way I came but something clicked in my brain and said "Stephanie you will walk all the way up 68th and then walk along Lake Otis to 72nd and down 72nd back home, no ifs ands or butts about it" so I did. I'm proud of myself for making me do it and plan on doing it again probably Friday. I think I will try to do this walk 3 times a week depending on weather of course. I of course had a water bottle with me, my cell phone and my keys, Figure best to bring the cell phone just in case something happens and I need help or something, plus I never go anywhere with out it. It was a nice walk and am surprisingly looking forward to doing it again.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh the things we do for friends

Oh the things we do for our friends. A very dear friend of mine came over today and asked for my help with her webpage for her mom's bakery. I'm thinking what can I do to help I can't make pages or anything like that, nope, she wants me to take pictures of bread for her. I gladly excepted the challenge of making bread look good. I sent her 5 pictures that I like from my photo shoot today, and tomorrow I am borrowing a china plate from my mom so I can take some pictures of the bread on the plate. I have never had to think so hard about how to photograph bread before in my life.