Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good News!

Richard got a job at home Depot! It's only part time, M-f from 5am-9am but its 20 Hours a week and it's a start in the right direction. He is going to keep an eye out for full time positions there to try and get but at least he will be working again. We don't know much else besides he has the job. Don't know when he starts cause we have to wait for clearance for a pay rate then, his background check and drug test then he starts.

On a side note, we will both be getting up at 4am in the morning which means going to bed between 9-10. Which I'm fine with besides not knowing what the heck I am going to do at freaking 4am! oh well, I will figure something out. I'm just excited that he finally has a job.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Apartment: The final Frontier

There are a few things I would love to blog about but I have to wait for now, so hang in there with me and when I can, you better believe that I will blog about them. But for now I will continue with the day to day stuff that I can blog about.

My apartment is once again clean, it took me a couple days to do it but I managed to get it done, I did it that way cause I wanted to make sure that the stuff I cleaned stayed clean so I wouldn't have to clean it again, and so far it has. I have quite a nice routine down now. Every Sunday I now, sweep and mop the kitchen floor, vacuum the living room, dinning room, hallway and both bedrooms and pledge the desk and dinning room table to protect them from dust and dirt for the next week, oh and clean the bathroom as well. I figured if mom can keep her house clean then I should have no problems keeping my apartment clean as well. Oh and of course I do the dishes after every meal as well.

Not much going on other than that really, same ole same ole here, we just keep trucking along making the best out of what we have.

Until the next blog I leave you with these words of wisdom:


Friday, January 14, 2011


At my last DVR appointment in December, I came to a crossroad I needed to decide what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go, do I keep working with DVR or do I quit and give up looking for a job. I asked my counselor there to give me a couple of weeks to think on it because I needed to talk it over with Richard, cause my choice directly affects him. It's been a long few weeks of me going I gave them 2 years and nothing, I haven't gotten a job, I probably wont get a job, who would hire me I have no experience and can't get any experience because no one will hire me. Did I really want a job? why did I really start working with DVR was it for me? Was it because my mom wanted me to? Was I doing this to please people or was I doing it to better myself? All these questions rattled around in my head, I had a few arguments with my mom over the subject, it wasn't until tonight that I finally decided what I wanted.

I am going to give DVR a few more months, It would be great for me to get a job and help support Richard and I. I am going to do a few more job assessments to get myself out there and more comfortable around people and get some more job experience. Not that I'm not comfortable around people cause I am, it's more the job atmosphere that I need to get used to. I did enjoy the job assessment I did at CHD and am bummed it didn't work out there but that's just because it wasn't meant to be. Maybe with more job assessments I will find my dream job and they will hire me on. If not at least I know I gave it my all. I figured I would reassess my situation with DVR come November, I figured that was a fair amount of time.

I am for once in my life doing something for me, because I want to, not because someone else thinks it's something I should do, I do value peoples opinions, but that's just what they are opinions. I feel great about my choice and am hoping that everything works out the way I want it to in the long run. I am making the best out of what was dealt to me in the game of life and I am proud of myself for finally sticking to my beliefs and convictions, it's about time that I did. I am a new Stronger Happier me and if you can't deal with that, well then I don't need you in my life.