Saturday, October 30, 2010

Life as we know it.

The job search is still on going for both Richard and I, he had an interview on Tuesday and we were supposed to hear back yesterday if he got the job but the company never called so yeah, that's where we are at. I know when the right job comes along for both of us it will happen, I just hope it happens soon.

Richard and I got our flu shots on Thursday, so we are now ready for winter. When I got the shot my arm didn't hurt at all but its been two days now and my upper arm hasn't stopped hurting, it's not as bad as when you get a tetanus shot but still it's annoying and I want it to go away. Oh well this is the price I must pay so I don't get the flu and get sick so I will pay it. Cause god knows I can't afford getting sick at the moment.

In other fun news, mom's water heater is on its last legs, it has a leak in it, which is what has been causing the pilot light to keep going out. Dad said he would replace it Monday for her, so Richard and I might be over there Monday to help with that, not sure though. Cause we all know how reliable this man is when it comes to getting stuff done for family.

Thanksgiving is fastly approaching which means my favorite holiday is just around the corner, I am already planning in my head how to decorate the apartment for Christmas. I have a few good ideas so it will be fun to see how they turn out. Now I just have to wait till its time to decorate so a few more weeks.

Monday, October 18, 2010

What day is it?

So, it's now been a week since Richard lost his job. We are still getting along fine so that's good. The only problem I now have is keeping the days straight. Today was the start of it, I went to call mom and tell her something and started dialing her home phone number when I realized oh wait it's Monday so she is at work. I lasted longer than Richard did with keeping the days straight cause he asked me Friday what day it was. I hate when the days all just start melting together cause its a pain to go what day is it and do I have anything planned for this day or the next.

I have had two meetings with the new lady that's going to be helping me look for a job. I really like her a lot! Richard likes her as well, we all seem to get a long great and she doesn't mind at all if Richard is back in the meetings with us. I am actually looking forward to working with her and looking for jobs. My next meeting with her is on Wednesday and I am for once looking forward to going.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bad Day Today

Well today was not a good day. Richard was let go from his job today after he got back from lunch. I wasn't surprised it happened, I had a gut feeling after he had to fill out a report last week about why he was late the Friday beforehand. He had been on final notice at work for attendance issues because of when he was working with his dad. It was an honest mistake about why he was late for work that Friday and I will not go into details about it, I know it didn't happen on purpose nor do I hold the person responsible cause shit happens. It wouldn't have been a problem if he hadn't gotten himself on final notice. Oh well no use dwelling on it now. On the bright side, we have a ton of food cause we just did all that shopping with the pfd's so that's good, we will just watch how much we eat and make it last as long as we can, till he gets a job. I just don't know what we are going to do about a place to live if he doesn't get a job here soon. I guess the worst case is, we go back to living out in the valley with his parents, if they let us that is.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

PFD Birthday Fun

The Apartment looks horrid, it yet again looks like a tornado went ripping through here. Mostly because we got the PFD and went food shopping so there are bags everywhere. When I am done writing this blog I am going to start cleaning this place up again.

Thursday was Richards birthday, we celebrated by going food shopping, then going out to dinner at Outback with my mom and brother. We had a good time and the food was great. We started celebrating his birthday a few days earlier by going to the two Purple with a Purpose Ace's Hockey games on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Aces lost but we still had a fun time. Richard also used his last 2 vacation days for Thursday and Friday so he has a 4 day weekend, which has been nice so far.

That's pretty much what I have been up to the last couple of days. The weather is getting colder and we are starting to guess when the first snow fall is going to be, Richard and I both agree that it's prob not going to happen till November, but we shall wait and see.