Saturday, August 29, 2009

I hurt

I walked around for 8.5 hours yesterday at the State Fair and man do I hurt today. Funny thing is, its not my heel that hurts, it's my legs, at one point in time yesterday they felt like jello. I have problems walking if I sit or lay to long cause I get stiff but I'm not complaining cause I know it was good for me. I will be going back to the fair next Saturday with my mom and Richard, which will be a lot of fun.

Had a dinner party on Thursday which was a lot of fun. We had a few of our friends over for dinner then we went and played pool for a couple of hours. While playing pool we got into a chalk fight, I got scared so bad by Marya that I jumped, shrieked and then started laughing so much I was crying so now I have to find a way to get her back. All in all it was a great night and I hope to do it again soon.

Tuesday our friend Brian is thinking of coming over to hang out so that should be fun, I always have fun hanging out with him.

I am also reading Alex cross's Trial by James Patterson, so far its a pretty good book. It's set back in 1906 I believe, and is centered in the south.

Nothing much else going on, I have diet snapple so I am a very happy person, I love that stuff so dang good.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Quick DVR Update

I had an appointment with my counselor at DVR yesterday to go over my clerical assessment that I did last month. She was really happy with the results but since they up and changed Microsoft word on me that I need to take some computer classes. I am now going to be taking some computer classes, I will take one for Microsoft word, excel, outlook and powerpoint, each class she said should take a week or was it that all the classes would add up to a week? I'm thinking more the first than the later. I am to call this one place by the 1st of next month to see when the classes are held, how big the classes are and the cost of the classes. I won't have to pay a dime for the classes DVR will cover them for me. I also finally rememebered to ask if they would cover the cost of new glasses and they will!!!!! SO I will be getting new glasses here shortly!! Finally, I am actually getting somewhere with DVR, its about freaking time!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

banned from moms , and a thank you

I am banned from my moms house until further notice. No I didn't do anything to get myself banned from her home, my brother is getting sick, and mom thinks he might have swine flu and to be on the safe side mom doesn't want me around him because as we all know I get sick super fast and tend to get sick worse than the person who gave it to me. Mom and I have a warning system set up in place for when either her or my brother get sick, since we don't want me getting sick ever. Our plan is if they get sick, mom calls me and tells me and if I truly need to go over to her house to do laundry or something I am to wear an isolation mask, one of those masks that you see doctors and nurses wear. But since she thinks he might have swine flu she doesn't want to risk anything and is going to do my laundry for me since today is laundry day for me. I also can't spend time with her because she will be around him and could give me his cold so when she comes to ge the laundry i will have a mask on as I hand over my laundry. Oh the joys of a low immune system.

I also want to say thank you to you all who responded to my last blog, I am feeling better about myself and am making a change. I have started eating less and walking a bit more. Yes it kills my foot so I only walk every other day at the moment but at least I am doing something. it's nice to know that you all care about me. I wish I lived closer to all of you so we could get together and hang out or work out. At least we have each other online and for some of you through letters in the mail. I love you all!

Much Love to all!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hating Myself

I was hanging out with my friend Mandy today having a blast, until we walked into the Old Navy store at the mall. I try to avoid that store at all possible costs, along with the Gap, Hot topic, basically any skinny ass person store. There is no point in me going into these stores, their clothes won't fit me and well I hate the looks I get while I'm in there. That look of "what the hell is that fat lady doing in this store looking at clothes that won't cover her fat ass". But for Mandy I put on my brave face and not only went into Old Navy but Gap, Hot topic AND Forever 21 a new store here that you guessed it sells only skinny people clothes. I was hit in the face over and over again with size 0 - size 4 clothes that are insanely cute but that I will never fit in.

Needless to say my self esteem took a really big hit, I am hating myself and wishing I was some skinny ass person so I can wear the cute clothes instead of the fat ass who gets stuck wearing frumpy clothes because clothes designers feel that fat people don't deserve cute clothes. I don't see myself as pretty, I never have, I see myself as a fat cow. I am more desperate to loose weight now but I know I won't stick with it I never do. so here I sit a fat cow for life.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Do we tend to like characters that are like us?

I was talking to a dear friend of mine a few days ago about who our favorite characters are and how that we tend to like the ones that are most like us. As I pondered this I realized it was so true. My mom Fancies Eeyore and he tends to fit her. He is kind of a gloomy think of the worse thing to happen and she does the same thing, Not always gloomy but does the oh why bother grumpy Gus kinda thing. Oh and she is always loosing stuff HAHAHa

I have always liked Donald Duck, and I find I am a lot like him. one I have speech problems and not everyone can understand me all the time. In fact when I was little my brother was the only one who could understand me till I went to speech therapy. The other thing I have in common with Donald is well temper, I tend to fly off the handle when I get mad. Mind you it takes a lot more to make me mad now but my temper can and does get the best of me some times. I finished that cross stitch of him today.

My dear friend is Kinda like Piglet, she worries a lot, really kinda shy and just so typically piglet its kinda funny.

My question to you, What character do you like and do you see yourself in said Character?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cross Stitching fun

I have been doing some Cross stitching and thought I would share some of my finished projects. Above is Eeyore who I finished this last Saturday, He is also the one that I finally mastered french knots on.

Here is my hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil tree frogs. My biggest cross stitching project yet. It took me about a year to finish only because after I finished the middle frog I got tired of cross stitching and put it away. I pulled it out this summer and finished it on my brothers 30th birthday which was July 25th, I had started working on it on that Monday. Mom did the french Knots in this one to teach me how to do them.